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Granite Versus Marble Slabs – This Faceoff is Tougher than the Stanley Cup Hockey Final!

Granite and marble slabs in Burlington are a splendid choice to add a distinctive, prestigious design element to your home. Both granite and marble have applications that harken back to early times. Granite use in pyramids in Egypt and India dates as far back as 26th century BC.  Marble shows up in ancient masterpieces such as the Greek Parthenon (447 BC) and in world-class sculptures such as Michelangelo's David in 1504.
Granite and marble are both natural stones quarried from the earth in large slabs. Whether granite or marble is a better selection for the finish of your countertops or other uses in the home is a debate that has home renovators lined up and facing off with passionate arguments for both.

The Granite vs. Marble Debate – You Decide!

Both granite and marble slabs come in a symphony of colours and shades, and variegated line effects that offer a host of options for decor. Because they are natural materials, every stone is uniquely different with striations and veined lines throughout. Colours may not even look the same consistently throughout the entire slab.  These variations can add a distinctively unique look to your home.
Marble slabs can have a more understated beauty than granite.  Marble has an old-world timelessness that can create a classical atmosphere. Marble actively pops out in any room decor for its eye-catching appearance.
Both granite and marble slabs are durable and should be considered as permanent additions to your decor. With proper care, granite and marble slabs will last a lifetime. If you like to change up the look of your interiors every few years, granite or marble slabs would not be your wisest design choice.
Granite is a hard stone that is heat and scratch-resistant in ordinary use. Marble is a softer stone and more porous than granite and as such, can get scratched and stained more easily.  Marble is also vulnerable to acidic substances that can cause a chemical reaction called "etching” which removes the polish.
Both granite and marble slabs are expensive materials for your interior design. There can be huge differences in stone pricing for both granite and marble depending on the stone's country of origin and corresponding transportation costs, the quality of the material and surface finish you choose. A good fabricator will work with you and your budget to help guide you through your decision making process and get you the best quality for the best price.
Ultimately it comes down to personal preference around the look you want for your home.  Granite will retain its perfectly pristine condition for a lifetime with no significant variance in appearance. It will be sure to always be a visually stunning focal point.  Marble is a softer, more porous stone that will change its look and character over time with use, which many feel adds real personality and creates a distinctive atmosphere.
Who won the faceoff – granite or marble slabs Burlington?  They both are winning choices for those who are discerning of taste and in it for the long haul.

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